What became of Wendy Darling in the years following her adventures with Peter Pan in Neverland? An exploration of love, loss, identity, and magic, Lost Girl continues the story of J.M. Barrie's beloved character - the girl who had to grow up.
The lighting design for Lost Girl focuses on contrasting the present versus memory. Present scenes are created through bright amber color tones to clearly illuminate Wendy’s room. Memory scenes are created through organic shapes and blue-green color tones with lighting movement to transform the existing room and illustrate the ambiguity of memories.

導演:​Cara Phipps
舞台設計:Camryn DeWet
服裝設計:Kelsey Vidic
影像設計:Jon Haas
演出日期:2016年11月10日 到 20日
演出地點:Oscar G. Brockett Theatre
演出劇團:Texas Theatre and Dance

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